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Daniel Jaramillo

Senior Art Director based in Chicago.
Currently at Leo Burnett.


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Super Bowl ‘18

↳ Super Bowl Spot

Most Super Bowl advertisers spend millions assembling a glitzy ad. They spotlight celebrities, line up special effects, and license hit songs. But in 2018, Kraft didn't want to make the typical Super Bowl spot. Being this the brand's first-ever Super Bowl commercial, they wanted to put the spotlight on real families.
So, in a never been done before stunt, Kraft let families know that instead of just watching Super Bowl commercials, they could be in one. All they had to do was submit photos of their unique family moments on social media using the hashtags #familygreatly and #kraftentry for a chance to be in the 30-second commercial.

↳ Teaser #1
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Behind The Scenes

↳ @ The Mill Chicago

Over the course of Super Bowl LII Sunday, we encouraged people watching the game to submit photos of their unique family moments on social media using the hashtags #familygreatly and #kraftentry. And in less than 10 minutes, we recieved over 25,000 photos on Instagram and Twitter from families across the country.
Then, in partnership with The Mill Chicago, and in real-time, we approved, cleared, and edited together a 30-second spot featuring hundreds of real families that aired during the second half of the game. All in a stunt that came together in the time frame of the duration of the game.


↳ USA Today


↳ Kraft Brand
↳ Leo Burnett
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