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Daniel Jaramillo

Senior Art Director based in Chicago.
Currently at Leo Burnett.


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Kraft Now Pay Later

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In late 2018, Kraft was a brand refreshing its purpose, a purpose focused on relieving parental stress and bringing more joy to families. So, on December 21, when the US government shut down, Kraft decided to step up helping furloughed government workers and their families who were facing an extraordinarily stressful time.
Within 24 hours Kraft opened up a grocery store where furloughed workers could grocery shop as usual, buying pantry and frozen items. The only difference: Instead of paying us, they could pay it forward by donating to a local food bank or their favorite charity once their paychecks started coming back later.

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As the shutdown went on, the need for the store only grew and daily visitors rose to over 2250/day. To help increase support, Kraft took out a full-page ad in the Washington Post, asking other brands, even competing ones, to help.
The response was overwhelming with national and international brands such as H&M, Oscar Mayer and Tropicana volunteering to stock the store’s shelves. Kraft kept the store open until the government re-opened, sticking with families until the end.

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Results & Accolades

PR was paramount in bringing the news about the store to as many people as possible, and customers rose to 2250/day. The story bubbled up and was soon mentioned in local, national, and international broadcast news reports and publications. Resulting in 700,000,000 media impressions, a 140% growth in conversation around the brand, and a 20% increase in social followers.
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