b.1991—MED, COL

Daniel Jaramillo

Senior Art Director based in Chicago.
Currently at Leo Burnett.


I Am Hunger In America
Kraft Now Pay Later
Legalize Lemonade
 Super Bowl ‘18
Toyota Yaris iA
Kraft Valentine’s
Country Time (Soon)
Cheez-It Snap’d
Emoji Sentiment
Toyota RAV4
Young Lions
⚰️ Graveyard 


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Gamer Tag-In

We found a way to keep kids and parents winning whenever game time meets dinner time. 

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Warhol Banana

Andy Warhol had a unique ability to turn everyday items into art. In honor of his forthcoming Chicago exhibition, we wanted to flip the formula and turn an iconic piece his pop art into a real everyday item.

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Food Bank Lines

The Covid-19 pandemic has left us with quite a few iconic photos of cars lining up outside of food banks looking for help. So we decided to use these images to help people understand the magnitude of the need food banks are currently facing.

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Reflector Pouch

Kids love riding their bikes and they love Capri Sun.  We found a way to combine the two by making the shiny Capri Sun drink pouch also double as way to keep the kids shining and safe while riding their bikes in the evening.

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We realized that when it came to car seat safety, The Simpsons were setting a bad example. But with the help of Maggie, we're showing parents how to keep their kids car-seat safe.

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For those with friends or family not on social media, we’re bringing the special moments online they might be missing, directly to their mailbox.