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Daniel Jaramillo

Senior Art Director based in Chicago.
Currently at Leo Burnett.


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I Am Hunger in America

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40 million Americans, including more than 11 million children, don’t have enough to eat. For many people, hunger in America is invisible. They don’t know what it looks like. The truth is, hunger can be hard to recognize because it affects people from all walks of life in every community across the country – our neighbors, children’s classmates, even coworkers could be struggling to get enough to eat.
Using artificial intelligence and data from the USDA, in partnership with Feeding America and the Ad Council we created the first data-driven visualization of hunger in America.

By revealing the face of hunger our goal is to challenge peoples perception of who struggles with hunger in the United States.


↳ Case Video

A visual representation of hunger created by Artificial Intelligence from thousands of photos and data of Americans struggling with hunger. 

First, we worked with Feeding America and their network of food banks to gather over 28,000 photos of Americans struggling with hunger. Then using 2018 USDA demographic data of Americans facing hunger, including gender, age, and ethnicity, we narrowed them down to 1,000 photos. Finally, the 1,000 photos were used by Artificial Intelligence to create an image that resulted in a lifelike portrait that represents what hunger looks like in America.

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